Sunday, July 31, 2011


As in, I seriously want to start blogging regularly again!

Do I sound like a broken record? I'm sure I have written that in at least 2 previous blog posts. But I have a feeling that if you were a local friend of mine that I hang with regularly (some of you are!), you would think I sound like a broken record a lot. No one's sleeping well! Luke follows me around everywhere! My boys are crazy! Simon wakes up at the, er, CRACK of dawn! Elliot is such a brute! How come I can't keep track of anything?! My house is so small! And for the love, what are we doing?? These are the lyrics to the broken record of my life. But, they're not the only lyrics; maybe just the lyrics to the 3rd verse, that is usually more somber, problematic and frustrated, leading up to the final verse of joy and triumph.

I think that part of the reason why I haven't blogged regularly over the last year and a half is because during that time, Chris has been looking for a job. There have been times where he was interviewing for a job, we were flying to cities across the US (literally, we got to go to Seattle and Boston!), and I just didn't have the freedom to lay out all that was going on. I never thought so many doors would close upon us, so I was always kind of glad I didn't blog about what I thought was going to happen. Because, bottom line, not much that we thought would happen actually did. God does that sometimes.

I've mentioned this before, but 2010 was a rough year for our family. In it were some of the most challenging months Chris and I faced as a couple. At the end of the year, things started to calm down for us. God was faithful in providing for us, and Chris got a great job in the area. But things for the future were still not settled. We knew that we were not at the end of the path that God was leading us on since Chris finished grad school.

In October, Chris "randomly" connected with an Acts 29 pastor on Oahu. Chris has always had a "thing" for Hawai'i, and since before we were married he had desired to do ministry in this needy area of the US. But as he continued through seminary and graduate school, it was unclear how Hawai'i would fit into our future.

Well, things are clearing up. You can read about it here.

And here's to hoping you'll be hearing from My Beanstalk more often.

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